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The email has a spoofed header (fake sender details).

The medication does not have a herbal medical licence nor appears to have been through medical testing prior to public release.

Plenty of bad reviews on this product and people who have not received orders (not a bad thing in one sense).

I have reported this product to the UK authorities and also Counterfeit medicines agency in UK.

The ingredients have no quantities listed - so potentially highly suspect product due to this alone.

I have not ordered this product.

I never asked to be sent any information on such products from anyone.

The emails are mass spamming and intended to get people to fall for the scam product.

Anyone who sends emails with spoofed headers is highly suspect in itself. The "Nathan" who is selling this product (and many others) is:

Nathan Felder

1367 Coney Island Ave. Brooklyn, NY US 11230


Just in case you would like to get in touch with him personally!!

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Oh boy ! I'll give that number to my drunk friends next weekend and they can all call him at regular intervals beginning at midnight and on through until dawn.

I'm sure he will appreciate the potential customers. Bwahahahaha.