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ViSwiss (yohimvetol barrenwort) considered a dietary supplement has as its promise greatly enhanced

sexual performance.... Their guarantee says 100% guarantee...but you must send the bottle back UNOPENED or there is NO guarantee. Now, how is that possible??. The website has glorious productions

to show its effectiveness BUT...I found absolutely NO effect...actually the product reduced sexual stimulation and had no effect...a complete fraud...as far as I'm concerned....They have no exceptions

listed to their product....only grandiose results from different customers...someone has a gift for

marketing,deception, fraud, and making a profit at others expense. Jerry

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Hagerstown, Maryland, United States #782306

This VISWISS is a hundred percent fraud. I ordered three bottles.

Started taking the capsule but it did not work at all. Instead it will increase my blood pressure and pulse rate. I sent the TWO UNOPENED BOTTLES back for refund and they received it on DEC12, 2013. Today is FEB05.Despite 12 reminders, they did not refund my money.

So where is that refund guarantee? I would warn every one to be aware of this FRAUDULENT VISWISS.

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